Adventures in Thai Justice: Four Case Studies

    Why does world news report "No rule of law in Thailand"?

    What is the Thai Government doing about it?

    Read the following real-life case studies and see.

  • The Law Society of Thailand declines to discipline a Thai attorney who defrauds a foreign investor by rigging a Court-ordered auction, arguing that auction-rigging is a "legitimate legal tactic" in Thailand.

  • Crimebusters in Action: A Public Prosecutor assists a citizen to swindle a foreigner; the Attorney General's Office whitewashes the investigation; the report of a re-investigation is hidden in the Prime Minister's Office from the foreign victim.

  • The Bank and the Court In connivance with a sibling of its chairman, a state-controlled bank organizes a hoax upon the public. Behind-the-scenes chicanery bars legal recourse against the state body.

  • Alice in Thailand At the first sitting of a case between a Thai and a foreigner the presiding judge announces evidentiary hearings will be largely unnecessary as he has already composed the Judgment based on the nationality of the litigants.

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  • Background to these Case Studies

  • Testimony before the Trade Policy Staff Committee of the Office of the United States Trade Representative, Washington DC, March 30, 2004, concerning mooted U.S.-Thailand Free Trade Agreement

  • The response of the Thai Government to prima facie evidence of grave official misconduct.

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