Testimony of Dr. Jeffrey Race before the Trade Policy Staff Committee of the Office of the United States Trade Representative The Rule of Law in Thailand
What role for officer training at elite colleges? One man's experience . . . ROTC at Harvard
Hate Spam? Don't hit the Delete key! Do something useful for society and feel good too. Read Spam Extermination Step-by-Step
How to end the spam menace at the system level quickly and cheaply. Read You Needn t Eat Spam
Don't let bad computer-usage posture injure you or your children Cripples by Thirty?  

Monitor two simple body metrics for health and vitality Just a Scale and Tape Measure Away  (2.6 mb, not viewable with Acrobat Reader V 3 or lower)

ISDN installation overview Adventures in Broadband: ISDN  

DSL installation overview Adventures in Broadband: ADSL  

Technology driving you crazy? Read Reflections on Attending a Buddhist Meditation Training Session  

Enabling non-Latin languages in e-mail and browsers Installing a Non-Latin Font in Windows and OS/2

Be kind to your e-mail correspondents HTML in E-mail: Between Consenting Adults Only!

Boilerplate text to send to your correspondents requesting to Turn off HTML

The ColorSpace Error: What It Is, How Not to Create It, How to Recover from It

The ColorSpace Error complete package include explanatory text, fix utility and sample offending file (1.2 mb zip file)

Thailand on May 30: A Grave Truth Revealed

Blank.gif Please click here to view information on the Quiklink, a unique new telephone hotline device with many security, intercom, testing and demo uses. Blank.gif

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